Essentials Nine

  1. Light Painting (photography)
  2. Kim Jong-Il Dropping the Bass (humor)
  3. Adele’s effect on North Koreans (humor)
  4. A Thing or Two About Twins (adorable photo)
  5. English Pronunciation (language)
  6. Proof that the earth is 6000 years old? (idiot)
  7. Wednesday Meditation (beautiful quote)
  8. User Interface Parade (UI design)
  9. SpaceX’s self-landing system (tech)
  10. Ikea’s BoKlok homes (product architecture)
  11. Top 50 Albums of 2011 (pitchfork music)
  12. Chromatic Typewriter (retro design)
  13. Polite bear waves hello (funny video)
  14. If I was a poor black kid (Forbes)
  15. Louis CK $5 experiment (psychology)
  16. There is Only One Issue in America (politics)
  17. Innovative architecture to ensure a sustainable future (TEDx)
  18. Military reunions with man’s best friend (video)
  19. NextLevel Squad “Zilla March” (dance video)
  20. African bullfrog ant crusher (funny video)
  21. Shit girls say (funny video)

Essentials Eight

  1. Uncyclopedia (humor)
  2. Running Basset Hound (humor)
  3. Katt Williams on Weed (humor)
  4. Damn You Auto Correct: Top 25 of the Year (humor)
  5. One Second Film Festival (film)
  6. The Drop (video, drugs)
  7. Luxirar Parfait (gastronomy)
  8. Brinicle Ice Finger of Death (nature)
  9. Asimo: Honda Upgrades its Humanoid (robotics)
  10. Good Fucking Design Advice (design)
  11. A Treehouse Grows in Brooklyn (home design)
  12. Occupy: What Architecture Can Do (urban studies)
  13. China has solution to seven-year itch (marriage)
  14. How Doctors Die (medicine, my favorite essay of the year)
  15. Document: The Symbolism Survey (literature, famous authors)
  16. Release by Virginia State Police regarding 12/8 shootings (news)
  17. “Power & Grace” by Arcadia H.S. (my high school marching band)
  18. UC Davis Pepper Spray: What Really Happened (stupid students)
  19. Hilary Clinton address before UN on LGBT rights (speech)
  20. Company Makes Custom Stuffed Toys out of Children’s Drawings (awesome)

Essentials Seven

  1. Quantum levitation (science)
  2. Play: Cheese or font? (typography)
  3. Take this lollipop. I DARE YOU. (cool)
  4. Lytro introduces unique camera design (tech)
  5. A magazine is an iPad that does not work (tech)
  6. Throwable panoramic ball camera (design)
  7. Data visualization: in defence of bad graphics (design)
  8. Frank Gehry -led strategic alliance (architecture)
  9. Le Corbusier inspired designs (fashion and architecture)
  10. Inaugural words: 1789 to the present (infographic)
  11. Grand taxonomy of rap names (infographic)
  12. Chinese girl run over, but it gets worse (essential video)
  13. Wall street mocks protesters by drinking champagne (video)
  14. The Oxford American Education Forum (education)
  15. Herman Cain sings ‘Imagine there’s no pizza’ (politics)
  16. At 105, Chinese linguist now government critic (politics)
  17. Stanford and Cornell favored for NYC campus (Stanford)
  18. City heat small contributor to global warming (Stanford)
  19. Bringing tablets and smartphones to the blind (Stanford)
  20. Structured procrastination (Stanford)

Essentials Six

  1. The Water (nature)
  2. Biocurious (biotech)
  3. Shit that Siri says (humor)
  4. Audience mirror installation (design)
  5. Doppelgänger kissing mask (design)
  6. Osaka Station water installation (design)
  7. Vertical village exhibition (design)
  8. Ten Years Later (infographic)
  9. Ellie Goulding’s lights (interactive)
  10. The ultimate tennis move (sports)
  11. The rise of Stanford tuition (economics)
  12. Theo Jansen’s strandbeests (machines)
  13. Kern Type, the kerning game (typography)
  14. Why Stanford students should work on Wall St. (jobs)
  15. Don’t forget to leave your Facebook password in your will (weird)

Essentials Five

  1. Apple unveils the new iPhone 4S (tech)
  2. Steven P. Jobs: His life, his companies, his products (memory)
  3. Stephen Colbert’s sincere tribute to Steve Jobs (video)
  4. Solar Decathlon 2011 YouTube playlist (video)
  5. Salman Khan on liberating the classroom for creativity (video)
  6. Spike Jonze presents: Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma (music) (dance)
  7. Stanford summer course yields touchscreen Braille writer (engineering)
  8. Designers are the new drivers of American Entrepreneurialism (design)
  9. Architect’s electric vehicle charger gets wider attention (design)
  10. Great site for unique letterheads, Letterheady (design)
  11. Why do some people learn faster? (science)
  12. First official statement from Occupy Wall Street (society)
  13. Interesting music generation app (music)
  14. A hundred thousand dollar bills (art)
  15. Obama Fried Chicken (weird)

Essentials Four

  1. Architectural Blunders and Atrocities (engineering)
  2. NASA satellite meets fiery doom over the Pacific (engineering)
  3. Not Your Typical Rendering Tutorials (architecture)
  4. Escaped Pet Birds Are Teaching Wild Birds to Speak English (nature)
  5. Op-Ed: A new straing of “techie evangelism” (Stanford)
  6. What does it feel like to be stupid? (personal)
  7. Up close – black-footed ferret (video)
  8. The Naked and Famous – Girls Like You (video)
  9. The Airborne Toxic Event – Something New (video)
  10. TOKYO SLO-MODE (video)